15269217045_f576382ef1_zBottle Miracle came into being when one of the three founders personally experienced the wonders of authentic therapeutic grade essential oils from Young Living, which aided in the recovery of her child’s prolonged coughing at an amazing pace and eventually helped stop it. Impressed and convinced by the benefits and potency of these essential oils as a powerful natural alternative to prescriptive drugs, she knew she had to share this new found discovery for essential oils. Along with two others whom had similar experiences, they believe that everyone (and especially their loved ones) should benefit from the usage of these essential oils that nature provides. Having the same mind-set and are now fervent believers in harnessing nature’s miraculous gifts, they began to spread the good word about holistic wellness through harnessing the therapeutic properties of various essential oils from Young Living.

15710325181_647ed49422_zWe at Bottled Miracle aim to continue working closely together as we endeavour to create and spread the awareness of Young Living’s therapeutic grade essential oils so that, like us, you too may experience the wonders for yourself and allow you to improve and maintain your health and well-being with the knowledgeable usage of these miraculous essential oils.

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