How to use Young Living essential oils as part of your bedtime routine

For so many of us, it can be difficult to get a good night’s sleep. There are lots of new reasons why you might be having trouble sleeping at night. Maybe you’re just uncomfortable, or just stressed out from a long day and find that it’s tougher than usual to doze off. It can be difficult to get the rest you need and deserve, especially with the distractions of modern life.

Girl Sleeping on white bedBut it’s essential for good health to rest well. That’s why the next time you find yourself awake when you’d rather be sleeping, read over these simple steps to help beat insomnia.

Start by creating a comfortable, dark room just for sleeping. That means you don’t want to be using your bedroom as an office, to watch TV or anything else! By training your brain associate your bedroom as a space (only) for rest, it will be much easier to relax.

Next, try adding soothing scents, a little reading, your favorite music, or baths to your evening routine. Certain smells, like eucalyptus, can help ready the brain for rest. Try adding your favorite Young Living essential oil to a warm bath, or for a little aromatherapy in the evening.

Any calming pre-bedtime ritual – that doesn’t involve looking at the light from a television or computer screen – in the last hour of your day will also help get you in the mood for sleep.

Also get into the habit of practicing meditation, or a gentle yoga routine. Learning to focus, breathe and relax habitually throughout the day will help you later at night when you need to release tension – a natural first step to falling off to sleep.

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